I’ll be honest, the first time that I had a facial I was in heaven! It was like a massage, but better, because when it was over my skin looked beautiful AND I felt amazing.

I’ve since had many many facials (all good estheticians make sure to treat themselves regularly). And even though they always feel like a luxury, I know that they are more than that.

4 Reasons you SHOULD be getting regular facials:

  1. The skin is the LARGEST organ in your body facials are a great way to help you take care of this organ. Regular steam cleaning, exfoliation and massage in particular help to stimulate cell renewal and feed needed nutrients to these cells!
  2. Environment Stressors Take a Toll on your skin. Even if you eat perfect and use great products, we can’t always control our environment. Whether it is coming into contact with greasy food at work all day, biking in exhaust traffic on a regular basis or working in a highly heated or air conditioned office, it is likely that your skin is subjected to elements that make it unhappy. Regular facials will help correct combat these daily stressors!
  3. Facials make you feel like a goddess. Facials of some variety date back thousands of years. While you used to have to be a queen or an empress to get pampered like this, you don’t upper class to enjoy this type of treatment anymore. When you take the time out of your schedule to nurture your body and ritualize your skin routine, you are treating yourself like a goddess and many areas of your life will benefit from this pleasure.
  4. Facials kick premature aging to the curb. I know, when you are in your 20’s you think that only “old” people look old. But then you hit 30 and you are like “WTF, I am getting wrinkles!”. It happens to the best of us, but here’s the thing, if you start getting regular facials NOW, you will be able to combat fine lines, pigmentation and that dull crepey pancake skin that you fear the most! We all age, I’m not here to tell you facials will stop this process, but they WILL help slow down the APPEARANCE of aging on your skin. ←– Take THAT free radical damage!

If you’re still feeling “bad”…like facials are too much of a luxury for you to receive on a regular basis, we want you to know that at The Portland Girl, we give 5% of our net profits back to local non-profits who are making big changes in the world. Check out our quarterly featured non-profit by clicking HERE.

Because we want facials to be a ritual that you get to enjoy regularly, we offer pocket-book friendly memberships that incentivize your loyalty and save you mucho.


the Portland Girls (Anna + Jess)