Like rain during the Rose Parade, or socks with sandals, your skin has its own Northwest personality.  Especially during the fall and winter you feel it: dryness on top and congestion underneath.  Your skin needs soothing and revitalizing to restore a healthy glow.  Susan Grace, of Susan Grace Skincare in Seattle has developed an entire line of skin care products especially for our particular NW skin issues called “Partly Sunny.”

Susan believes in “turning your cleansing ritual into a blissful indulgence seven days a week.”

Using backyard botanicals such as lavender, honey, blueberry, Pacific Seaweed and bamboo, Susan’s line of products not only counterbalance environmental stressors, but nourish as well.  In essence, giving back while taking away.  They’re also free of SLS (sodium laurel sulfate) which is a common ingredient in most beauty products to create lather.  SLS can cause organ toxicity and strip moisture from the skin.  No, thank you!  Susan’s cleanser uses soap bark extract and a foaming pump instead.

At The Portland Girl we understand the unique issues that Portland Girl’s see in our skin and highly recommend Partly Sunny as part of your daily beauty ritual.  (We use it ourselves!)

Let your esthy know if you’d like to learn more about our unique line of at home skin care products.  We’re happy to help!


Jess & Anna