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Here Are a Few Love Notes from our Fantastic Clients!

“The ladies here are such sweet gals and very helpful. I had some sugaring done at their grand opening event and it was painless and so much better than I could have ever imagined. I will certainly be choosing this method over waxing from now on. I also tried The Portland Girl skin care line and it was amazing. It felt fresh and light on my face, it smelled great and for someone who has tricky skin and has struggled with finding products I like and would use, I’d certainly use this. Definitely check it out. You won’t be disappointed.”  ~Holly

“Sugaring is amazing! Much better than waxing. And the girls at The Portland Girl have it mastered. The staff make me feel so comfortable and you can see the skill required to do what they do. I can’t wait to try a facial!” ~Cassy

“It’s rare that I write a review right away when I return home from my first time at a business. But The Portland Girl is that exception.
I was greeted immediately when I walked in and was impressed by the front desk area’s cleanliness and fun vibe. Reva asked me if I wanted anything to drink and welcomed me in. My appointment was for a facial. I’ve had a difficult time at my job for the past year and wanted to do something nice for myself, and this went beyond my expectations.
The room was very clean and comforting. Reva talked me through my facial, telling me what she was using and why. I felt fresh and relaxed throughout. She was friendly and very personable.
At the end, I asked her for some recommendations for my skin and she showed me a wide range of products they carry.

Overall, my experience was relaxing, fun, and well worth the money. Definitely the best facial I’ve ever had.” ~Hannah G.

I have been letting Anna take care of my skin for years now and I do get complimented which I give Anna most of the credit. Not only due to the facial but also because of her knowledge of how our skin lives and breathes. My facial is truly one of the highlights of my month. Now with her partnership with Jessica and their lovely space and the added offerings (sugaring is divine!!!) it will be even more of a treat. I can’t say enough about the level of expertise and care I receive every time I experience a facial from Anna. I am looking forward to this bright future for The Portland Girl. Give it a go! Anna and Jessica and their caring staff will make you see how worth it you are!” ~Ellen

“Do yourself (and your skin!) a favor and go here!  The studio space is great and Anna’s facials are pure bliss.  While I was initially apprehensive about sugaring, I am now addicted as it has removed my mustache!  I was also introduced to eyelash tinting and I’m pretty sure I will get that done again as well.  I am looking forward to becoming a member and getting pampered at The Portland Girl on a regular basis.”  ~Jackie

“This was my first sugaring experience so I was more than a little nervous when I arrived. Everyone was so great in putting me at ease, especially my Esthetician,  who did a fabulous job. She was skilled, professional, and very sweet. I am now a sugaring devotee and will be visiting The Portland Girl on a regular basis. I definitely can’t say enough great things about the staff. Also, I’m happy to report that the pain wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would to be and my skin feels amazing.” ~Lauren

“What? Another five star rating? Yes, and well deserved! I am SO HAPPY to have The Portland Girl in my neighborhood!

I have been getting facials for a very long time, and I have to say, Anna is absolutely amazing (and I am pretty picky). I have now gotten two facials from her, and both were fantastic! My skin felt and looked so good, I am strongly considering signing up for the membership, so I can get a facial each month. I love that idea, by the way – it’s a great way to save money and also get into a great habit of really taking care of your skin.

I have also had my arms sugared by Case, Tiffany and Reva, and they were all fantastic.They were all very through and personable, and I would recommend any of them.

I think that the reviews say volumes. The Portland Girl is only a few years old, and they already have over 100 five star reviews. If you are looking for a new place for sugaring and/or facials, book an appointment with them. You will not be disappointed. *I also love the online booking system that they have – really convenient. See you soon Portland Girl!”


“Every time I come here I feel so welcomed. There hasn’t been a time that I wasn’t satisfied. Sugaring is very pain free, well for me that is. I would recommend The Portland Girl to all of the women in my life. I’ve tried many hair removal methods and I have to say sugaring works really well for pulling out all of the hair! I’m hooked!” ~Juleah

“I had my eyebrows shaped by Case who is gentle and thorough. I felt so relaxed on the table I almost drifted off– it felt like I was in savasana :0) The studio is bright and charming and I will be back to see Case in five weeks!” ~Erika A.

“Had my very first sugaring treatment and couldn’t be happier. The entire experience was excellent! Anna is awesome, so welcoming and sweet. The rest of the staff was super friendly as well. I will definitely be back! Highly recommend it. The place is also beautifully decorated and well done.” ~Rebecca V.

“I love the Portland Girl! I had the best first sugaring experience with Case. Seriously if you have not tried sugaring it is a game-changer. I will be going here for all my sugaring needs from now on. The spa and staff are are amazing!” ~Alaina J.

“I had my eyebrows sugared by Case and it was amazing. My skin usually breaks out and gets very irritated with things like this, however trying sugaring was perfect. I was a little red for about a half hour but after that NOTHING. No breakouts or irritation at all! The plus….you get mimosas for free 🙂 Go see Case she’s the best!” ~Kristin M.

“I have never gotten a wax or sugared before this.  Ebony was so great and easy going.  She talked to me the whole time and before I knew it, we were done!  I got sugared before my vacation and I am so glad I did!  I love not having to worry about maintaining while on vacation!  I would highly recommend The Portland Girl!” ~Laura R.

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