Sugar Training

Hey there! Are you currently in esthetics school or an esthetics graduate and you’re interested in learning the cool + effective ancient art of sugaring?

You’ve come to the right place. My name is Anna Long-Stokes and I’ve been training people in sugaring for the past 4 years. I had the pleasure of spending 12 months mentoring and training under Stephanie King of ‘Hey Sugarista’ (top international sugar trainer!) In this time I learned the in’s and out’s of this beautiful and ancient form of hair removal. 

Why train with The Portland Girl?

The Portland Girl is one of Portland’s largest sugaring studios and Anna, the owner and trainer, has been teaching this ancient art-form for over 3 years to outside sugar trainee’s and to her staff. She has learned to quickly pinpoint the quirks (that we all have) that hold us back from being the best sugarer we can be. She is able to break down this difficult art form into easy-to-follow steps that will have you rocking out with your clients in no time! She is good at seeing the little technique tweaks that will shift your sugaring from “ok” to “good” much FASTER!

Why learn sugaring?

Sugaring is IN DEMAND! Once clients get sugared, the majority of them never go back to waxing. I mean why would they when sugaring:

  • Is only heated to the body’s temperature (so there is NO chance of burning or lifting the skin)
  • Is all natural (Lemon, Sugar and Water baby!)
  • Is easy to remove because it is comprised of water and not resin, it is easy to clean off clients, sheets and stuff!
  • Causes WAY fewer ingrown hairs than waxing (because we remove IN THE DIRECTION of hair-growth, not against it)
  • Is cost effective and better for the environment (because we don’t use a ton of strips, sticks and materials)

I took Anna’s advanced sugaring class and it was EXACTLY what I needed. She single handedly helped me refine my technique and get past any remaining hesitations I had. I had been intimidated by doing brazilians and those more tricky services and she helped me to take it step by step, breaking it down as she went so that my fears dissolved. She helped me see that sugaring is truly an art form, but beyond that, there is method behind it that IS possible to master. 

I came in feeling slightly frustrated with the sugar having a mind of its own and feeling timid about how to get through certain services and left filled with excitement and confidence that I had the tools needed to take my skill to the next level. She kept the class size small, so not only did I visually get to see sugaring done well, I got enough hands on experience in class to build the muscle memory for myself! Anna has an incredibly positive, down to earth personality and a no-nonsense teaching style. She hosted the training in her beautiful, well-equipped studio in North Portland. 

The environment was relaxed, nurturing, and inspiring. I simply could not recommend her advanced class more for anyone looking to get fully comfortable with sugaring and feel confident that they could take most any client that came through their door.

Jenna Ellefson

Getting Certified in Sugaring with Anna

Due to Anna’s limited time and space, she is currently only taking on trainee’s for one-day certification trainings. In these action-packed days, you will learn the following:

  • Sugar Theory: Where it originated, why it works and how to learn to talk about it with your clients.
  • Paste types, hand positions and pre/post sugaring clean-up
  • Full Leg Sugaring
  • Underarm Sugaring
  • Bow and Lip Sugaring (once you know these, doing the full face is easy!)
  • Bikini and Brazilian Sugaring

You will leave our class feeling confident in your new-found sugaring skills and you’ll be able to order your own sugar directly from Tamara’s Professional Body Sugaring.

Price: Group rate $450 per person (3 people minimum, 4 recommended.) You are in charge of recruiting the group and collecting payment on behalf of the group. This is great for groups of students about to graduate together or spas that want to train multiple people at once.

Price: Private One Day BASIC + ADVANCED Training rate $800 (learn it ALL in one sugar-packed day- this is officially my most popular training!)

Is a Kit Included?

No, kits are not included in this price.

When you sign up for training, you will be given access to an online theory starter course to help you learn more about sugaring before your hands on class. You will also be required to purchase a sugaring kit from Tamara’s Professional Body Sugaring.

  • KIT PRICES: Kit prices range from $99-$799 depending on how large of a kit you want. Learn more including all details on pricing here.
  • REGISTERING PRE-KIT: Note that you will have to register with Tamara’s (on her website) before ordering your kit. Learn more about that here.
  • SHIPPING: Unless we have arranged something specific, your new kit will be mailed to my shop and we will hand over to you on the day of your training along with your certificate.

Will I have to purchase my sugar through you?

I am a certified sugaring trainer for Tamara’s Professional Body Sugaring. So when you go through certification, you will be able to purchase sugar through this company. If there is another company you would rather work with, I recommend that you reach out to them to ask them what their requirements are, however I only train under Tamara’s Professional Body Sugaring.


When you sign up to train as a Portland Girl sugarer, you’ll also gain access to the following-

  • A Private Facebook Group for many of the students who I’ve trained. This is a space to ask questions, get feedback and continue to grow with your peers!
  • A Sugaring Resources Guide. Want to know where I go to save $ and order stuff in bulk? This nifty guide will help you find sweet deals on all the little sundries you need to have on hand when you have a successful sugaring studio!

Next Class Dates

Trainings typically happen on Monday’s in Portland Oregon. If you would like another day or you have a different space you would like to use, we can discuss more.

June 2018: 1 space available

July 2018: 1 space available

August 2018: 2 space’s available

September 2018: 1 space available

Want to sign up?

For other inquiries, please email me at and I can answer your questions and walk you through the next steps.

Would you like to be notified of my next sugaring classes or training dates?

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Anna Long is a sugaring gem that I recently discovered.  Wish that I had found her much sooner!  I booked a 1/2 day advanced sugaring class with her and had an excellent experience.  She was relaxed & fun (which in turn relaxed me) and helped me up my skills to the next level with a few insider hacks & tweaks.  She also happens to be a super smart, savvy business woman who offers small biz consultations which I definitely plan on doing…Thanks Anna!

Dawn Zacharas

D Skincare + Sugaring

The private sugar training with Anna was amazing & worth every penny! Anna was so easy going which made me so relaxed & comfortable. Unlike other classes I’ve taken, I was able to get so much practice in & felt confident by the end of the day!

Alona Zagumennaya