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When Anna Long-Stokes (CEO/Founder) created The Portland Girl in April of 2015, she wanted to break beyond traditional “beauty business standards” by creating a skin care and sugaring studio that was as unique as Portland itself. A studio that beautified Portland one bombshell at a time, while also giving back to our community and setting a high standard for how the “Skin Biz” should be done. We blend ancient beauty rituals with cutting edge skin care treatments. We feel that relaxation + results can sit side by side and neither has to be compromised.

We believe in using/carrying/selling products that pass our artisanal standards. No parabens. No sulfates. No phthalates. No weird dyes or fake perfumes and no testing on our furry animals!

Our mission: Give back to yourself and give back to your community. See our current “give-back” efforts HERE.



owner/esthetician/renaissance woman

At this time, Anna performs only the following services: Unicorn Facials, 60 minute LED or Microderm Facials, Ultimate Anti-Aging Trio Facials and Initial Acne Facials.

I love the sun (way more than any esthetician should…), salsa dancing after a shot of tequila and convening with nature for grounding and inspiration. I’ve been an esthetician for 10 years and view each and every facial as a chance to make someones day, week or month just a little (ok, a lot) more pleasurable.

How did I get into this business? I had acne growing up and it was a big slap to my self-esteem. Everyone told me to do something different and none of them seemed to really know the root of my condition. After receiving my Master’s Degree in Social Work, I went on to study Esthetics in Illinois (750 hour training program). I quickly realized that the skin was more than skin deep and I threw myself into the study of energy work and Chinese medicine (including training in holistic nutrition and herbs).

When I’m not doing skincare + sugaring + biz-running I’m: Cuddling with my 2 dogs & my hubby, escaping Portland in the Winter and doing cool Psychic stuff over at annalongstokes.com.

What kind of ‘Portland Girl’ are you? The kind that wears bright red lipstick to dress up yoga pants and sucks at gardening but loves getting her hands dirty!



studio manager


About me: I started out in Illinois and made a few pit stops in Arizona, Colorado and back through Chicago before finally landing in Portland. This place has a magical pull to it that makes me never want to leave.

When I’m not at The Portland Girl I’m: Teaching or practicing yoga and exploring the Gorge.

What kind of ‘Portland Girl’ are you? The kind that can’t get enough of being outside! The endless hiking, biking, SUPing and camping in this part of the country has surpassed my wildest dreams.




esthetician/team supervisor

I am a born and raised Oregonian who loves to travel, but always finds my way back home.

How did I get into this business? Initially, I started cosmetology school with the intention of furthering my experience in makeup application. As I began delving into the practice and science of skincare, I immediately fell in love. I am a huge believer in self care and in all the ways that can be achieved. Being able to provide someone with a service that can give someone a moment of peace in this crazy world is so special to me.

When I’m not doing skincare + sugaring I’m: In rehearsal, on stage or working to get there. I have been acting since I was 15 years old and more recently have begun writing and directing shows as well.

What kind of ‘Portland Girl’ are you? I am an absolute night owl. I love going to shows, closing down restaurants, and staying up late watching my favorite tv shows with my best friends who also happen to be my sisters.




esthetician/team trainer

I was born and raised in Michigan. I have lived in Nebraska, California and I’m now a new Portland baby as of 2013 with my husband. I am a dog mom and have 3 parrots who are my everything. I absolutely love living in Portland. Being able to go outside and see mountains in my backyard will never get old. My husband and I are having so much fun running around the city, trying new foods and restaurants, meeting new people and exploring Oregon. I enrolled in full Cosmetology and when the time finally came to learn about skincare, I was hooked and loved every minute of it. I would try to spend as much time as I could in the spa, performing facials, massaging, and waxing bodies. After graduating, I stumbled upon sugaring, took a leap and enrolled in a training seminar and had so much fun learning the technique and immediately fell in love. I knew this is where I was meant to be.

When I’m not doing skincare + sugaring I’m: Sitting on my couch with cereal watching cartoons on Netflix, taking my dog to the park, laughing with my husband, coloring/cutting my friends hair, playing video games, and singing to my parrots.

What kind of Portland girl are you? A huge nerd. I love video games, comics, superheroes, toys, stuffed animals, cartoons, all of it. My room is covered in collectibles, posters, I’ve dressed up and gone to Comic-Con, and every month I go out with the Portland Geek Girls Brunch. I am a girl who loves makeup, bright colors, pretty dresses, tattoos, piercings, dogs, birds, flowers, rain, and much much more.




esthetician/team trainer

I was born and raised in Las Vegas, and moved to Portland shortly after my first visit back in 2016! I instantly fell in love with all the greenery and great food, and have continued to enjoy all the cool things this city has to offer since.

When I’m not at the Portland Girl: Enjoying dinner and game night with my boyfriend and friends, eating good food, or singing some karaoke!

What kind of Portland Girl are you? I’m the Portland girl that loves food! Other than pickles I’m down to try anything. I’m left-handed and I love singing (and have been lucky enough to travel internationally to do so) I’m also a crime TV junkie!




I am a new Mama to a little boy that lights up my life! I am an Oregon Coast native living in the SE pocket of Portland for just over 10 years. I love crafting + making, moving my body on a regular basis through hiking, yoga and dance as well as spending time in nature. I have a deep appreciation for my community and seek to make more sustainable and conscientious choices with each day.

How did you get into the business? I found skin care when I was hired on as the office coordinator for a day spa on the Oregon coast. I quickly fell in love and knew someday I would make a career out of it. I relocated to Portland, got stuck working in corporate work settings, continued to dream about Esthetics and a decade later, I found myself struggling with the idea of returning to another corporate job after a wonderfully long maternity leave spent with my baby boy. Upon returning to the work force I decided it was time to pursue my sincere interest and passion for skin care and embark on this exciting journey!

When I’m not doing skincare + sugaring: I’m getting outdoors in any capacity; hiking or simply taking a walk through one of Portland’s beautiful city parks. I also love being a homebody; drinking tea, striking a random yoga pose or busting a dance move, cooking or baking something, knitting and crafting. Making my kid laugh … or laughing at my kid – both are medicine.

What kind of ‘Portland Girl’ are you? I will forever love a rainy morning in the Pearl Room of Powell’s bookstore, seeing live music at one of the smaller venues in town, visiting any number of amazing thrift stores and farmers markets, afternoons spent wondering around Mt Tabor, and trying new eateries around town with many a friend.





I was born and raised in Michigan. While attending The University of Hawaii, it was time to make a life change so I decided to move to Portland on a whim. I moved to this unique city in 2013 and have loved every experience this city has given me.

How did I get into this business? My interest in skin care and the beauty industry was heavily influenced by my mom. I was enamored by her very diligent skin care routine and treatments she often got done. After attending university for a couple of years I realized I was not passionate about traditional education and made the decision to go to school to be an esthetician. I finally found my passion and it was hidden within me the whole time!

When I am not at the Portland girl: You can catch me dancing at a concert, hanging out with my friends, thrifting, chowing down on some yummy food or probably day dreaming about the beach.

What kind of Portland girl are you? I am an easy going type of girl and just as spontaneous as the weather here in Portland! I’m always engaging in different hobbies and enjoying the different festivities this city has to offer.






How did you get into this business? While I was still attending college to study psychology, my heart led me to a local school specializing in Esthetics. I immediately knew I had to fulfill that space in my heart because deep down, I knew I would be happier. I have always had a natural passion for wellness.

I began to truly focus on a holistic approach to caring for the skin when I had acne and started making and using natural products to treat my problem skin. The more I learned and experienced, the more I was intrigued and amazed how the skin influences other organs and our immune system. Our bodies are deeply connected; by marrying plant-based skin care and nurturing lifestyle elements gives us a chance at total renewal for our best skin possible.

What kind of Portland Girl are you? I am the type of Portland Girl that loves to explore the city. Although I am a Portland Native, there’s still so much out there! And like everyone else, I’m simply just exploring. I enjoy biking around Portland, going to the farmers market, and trying out different coffee shops.

When I’m not at the Portland Girl, I’m: Either shopping, relaxing at one of my favorite coffee shops, or sipping on peppermint tea while watching Dr. Pimple Popper!





About Me: I was raised on the shores of Lake Michigan, and moved westward in my mid twenties. The Midwest will always hold a special space in my heart, but Portland is my chosen home! I was drawn to esthetics by the desire to learn and practice more awareness toward health & wellness. Esthetics has been a personal evolution, showing me the value of empowerment through self-confidence! 

When I’m not at The Portland Girl: I’m traveling, cooking, reading, petting dogs, at the beach, or dreaming of the beach (smothered in SPF of course, I finally learned that lesson!). 

What kind of Portland girl are you? I’m the kind of Portland Girl that smiles at animals, constantly snacks and usually daydreams. 




About Me: I grew up with my face always stuffed in a book, in a tiny town in Northern Michigan. Not much has changed since then–I will always love a good story!

How did you get into this business? I had acne when I was younger and my search for a ‘cure’ led me through years of independent research–and eventually to esthetics school. I believe that how we look is deeply intertwined with how we feel, and I want to help people to feel like their best and most confident self.

When I’m not doing skincare + sugaring, I’m… Probably hitting the gym! I also play D&D weekly, and collect different varieties of succulents.

What kind of Portland Girl are you? The kind that rides her bike everywhere, cracks cheesy dad jokes, and always stops to poke at interesting plants.




About Me: I am a rare Portland Native! I was born in Eugene but have lived here since I was a baby, and I’m a hippie girl at heart. I have always been a skin care junkie since developing acne as an adult, and once I started going to school for esthetics I knew I had discovered my passion. I was drawn to the Portland Girl because of their sustainable practices and strong sense of community.

When you’re not at The Portland Girl, you’re… Planning my next big trip! I also love trying new restaurants, taking weekend trips to the Oregon coast, and going to the movies. I also love playing board games, reading, and binging trash reality tv. Seriously, don’t get me talking about The Bachelor.

What kind of Portland Girl are you? I’m a fun, easy going girl! I still love exploring this city that I’ve called home for so many years, meeting new people, and dancing! I could spend every rare warm day lounging by the river, and I’ll never say no to a shot of tequila.




About Me: I was born in California but have spent most of my life here in Oregon. It’s in my blood now, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. I am married to my best friend and we have two kids, Henry and Lola, as well as two obnoxious chihuahuas.

How did I get into this business? I’d been drawn to esthetics and skincare for years, but I started getting really serious about it when I was pregnant with my daughter and exploring natural baby care options. I started experimenting with making my own products for her, which then progressed to making my own natural skincare products for me. I soon fell down the rabbit hole of DIY hyaluronic acid + vitamin C serums, anti-aging essential oils, and the best herbs for promoting skin rejuvenation. I was hooked, and at the same time I realized that I was coming up with more questions than answers, so I made the decision to attend esthetics school. I’m so happy to be doing this for a living- it feels like my dream come true to be able to offer trans-formative and healing services for my community.

When I’m not doing skincare + sugaring, I’m… in the thick of it with my husband, raising our two young children (not to mention the chihuahuas) trying to keep everyone fed, clean, and happy. I also believe firmly that a good mother is a happy mother, so when I’m able to, I love to spend time with my friends, enjoying a sunny patio or a restorative pedicure. My husband and I love music, and we love to get out together to see shows as much as possible.

What kind of Portland girl are you? The kind that truly loves Portland! I’ve lived here since 1996, and though I have moved away for short periods a couple of times, I’ve always found my way back. I’ve seen Portland go through many changes, but it still feels like home to me.




guest services coordinator

About Me: The first time I ever visited Portland I fell in love, I knew right away this is where I was going to move. I love all the different neighborhoods, great food, live music, and outdoor activities. I’ve traveled around the country and this is still one of my favorite places.

When I’m not at the Portland Girl: I’m out going to shows. I love the music scene here, you can find a great, or not so great, show every night of the week. I’m always hungry so most likely I’ll be eating delicious food at all hours of the day. I love going for walks, there’s always so much more to see when you take the time to walk. But of course stopping at all the vintage and thrift shops along the way. I also love going to yoga, hanging with friends, reading, watching movies, and just sitting around doing nothing every once in a while.

What kind of Portland girl are you? The kind that actually enjoys the rain, yeah I said it! I’m one of the few that loves rain. Of course I love the sunshine too but water just makes me happy. And I love the crazy weather, you never know what you’re going to get. One minute you’re outside eating lunch with your friends on a beautiful sunny day, the next minute its pouring down rain and all you can do is laugh.




guest services coordinator

About me: I was raised in a small agricultural community called Kerman just 20 miles west of Fresno, California.  I was living in Santa Barbara the last seven years soaking up the sunshine with a one year hiatus in Galway, Ireland where I met my husband in 2012.  We recently relocated from CA and I am officially a new transplant to Portland.  We fell in love with Portland’s food scene and vibe and we are both really excited for this new adventure.

How did you get into this business:   I worked in the food service industry the last ten years and after receiving my BA in Psychology I worked in the nonprofit sector.  I loved both but I was looking for something new where I could still connect and help others.  A place that creates their own natural products and strives to help individuals feel their absolute best is a place that I want to be a part of, and that place is the Portland Girl. As a new team member I hope to make everyone who walks through the door feel welcome.

What kind of Portland girl are you:  I am currently the exploratory kind.  Everything is new and exciting!  I have really enjoyed exploring everything the city has to offer.

When I’m not at the Portland Girl:  Walking around the city or reading at a park near my place.  Meeting all of the neighborhood cats.  Binge watching Law and Order SVU. Experimenting with new food recipes. Playing board games (Scrabble is my favorite) and trying new delicious food.




guest services associate

About Me: I moved to Portland from the mountains of Idaho in January 2018 to continue my education in Geology at PCC! Being a mountain girl, I have always associated beauty with “au-natural” healthy self confidence. However, I struggled with my skin most of my life, which turned me on to make-up from pretty early on. In my hometown, makeup and outdoorsy girls don’t mix, but I was determined to try, which caused my breakouts to be more severe. Upon moving to Portland, and picking up a complete different lifestyle, I had my first facial at The Portland Girl and my relationship with self care and self confidence has forever been changed. Beauty still begins from the inside, but you have to take care of the outside too.

When I’m not at the Portland Girl: I am probably out rockhounding, listening to live music, or enjoying a dry rose with my cat.

What kind of Portland girl are you? I’m a curious, fiercely independent, and sun-loving Portland Girl with a knack for adventure and good wine.



guest services associate

About Me: I am born and raised in Portland, Oregon and proud of it! After attending and graduating with a B.A. in History and Social Studies from Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington I realized that Portland still had my heart (and family) and I just couldn’t stay away any longer. After playing four years of collegiate softball and returning to Portland I craved being a part of a team dynamic in the workplace which is what drew me to The Portland Girl. After years of customer service experience I strive to make clients feel special and comfortable which is what I aspire to do everyday at The Portland Girl.

When I’m not at the Portland Girl: I am probably trying to decide what new place my boyfriend and I want to eat at that night or sipping on a large pour of pinot noir after a long day of work.

What kind of Portland girl are you? I am definitely the sporty and active kind of Portland Girl. Whether I’m binge watching college football on the weekends or out playing slow-pitch softball with some old, washed-up athlete buddies of mine, I am constantly seeking games to play or games to enjoy watching.


guest services associate

About Me: Hailing from Austin, Texas. I came to Oregon looking for change and to escape the heat. Being only two hours from mountains or the beach and constantly surrounded by greenery was an ideal situation.

When I’m not at the Portland Girl: Eating fried chicken, thrifting, traveling and searching for the perfect dive bar.

What kind of Portland girl are you? A new one!




About me: I was born and raised in the Portland area. I spent two years in Washington D.C. and just moved back to Portland! I have been in the restaurant industry most of my adult life. This makes me a lover of all things food and beverage related. I love trying new restaurants in Portland especially the vegan ones. You will always find me with coffee in hand and if I’m not I’m drinking tea or kombucha. I have the best dog in the world named Lola. We love to walk and hike together. I don’t have a ton of free time but when I do I like to just relax at home with my pup.

When I’m not at The Portland Girl: I am at school getting my advanced aesthetician license or serving up food and drinks at the restaurant. When I really have down time you will find me out for a run or binge watching friends with a nice glass of wine in hand.

What kind of ‘Portland Girl’ are you? I am the type of Portland girl that is always going! I love to stay busy, hiking, at the gym or on long walks with Lola. I am also the type of Portland girl that one day, maybe when I retire, would like to own lots of land for all animal that need homes. Cows, chickens, dogs, goats, you name it, I want them on my land, happy and healthy.


staff pics by Shelby Brakken and Caitlin Murray


ADDRESS: 915 NE Oneonta, Portland, OR 97211

PHONE: (971) 806-3332

EMAIL: hello@theportlandgirl.com


Monday: 10am-7pm (closed for lunch between 2-3pm)

Tuesday: CLOSED

Wednesday-Friday: 10am-7pm (closed for lunch between 2-3pm)

Saturday-Sunday: 10am-5pm


ADDRESS: 646 SE Morrison St, Portland, OR 97214

PHONE: (971) 330-1234

EMAIL: hello@theportlandgirl.com


Monday: 10am-7pm (closed for lunch between 2-3pm)

Tuesday: CLOSED

Wednesday-Friday: 10am-7pm (closed for lunch between 2-3pm)

Saturday-Sunday: 10am-5pm






Natural Skin Care Products

Our natural skin care line is formulated in small batches right here in Portland Oregon! 

No parabens. No sulfates. No phthalates. No weird dyes or fake perfumes and no testing on our furry animals!

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People, Pets & Planet

We believe in giving back – to ourselves and to our community

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