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When Anna Long-Stokes (CEO/Founder) created The Portland Girl in April of 2015, she wanted to break beyond traditional “beauty business standards” by creating a skin care and sugaring studio that was as unique as Portland itself. A studio that beautified Portland one lady bombshell at a time, while also giving back to our community and setting a high standard for how the “Skin Biz” should be done. We blend ancient beauty rituals with cutting edge skin care treatments that target NW skin (yep, we have our own regional challenges).

We believe in using/carrying/selling products that pass our artisanal standards. No parabens. No sulfates. No phthalates. No weird dyes or fake perfumes and no testing on our furry animals!

Our mission: Give back to yourself and give back to your community. See our current “give-back” efforts HERE.


Anna Long-Stokes


owner/esthetician/renaissance woman

I love the sun (way more than any esthetician should…), salsa dancing after a shot of tequila and convening with nature for grounding and inspiration. I’ve been an esthetician for 8 years and view each and every facial as a chance to make someones day, week or month just a little (ok, a lot) more pleasurable. How did I get into this business? I had acne growing up and it was a big slap to my self-esteem. Everyone told me to do something different and none of them seemed to really know the root of my condition. After receiving my Master’s Degree in Social Work, I went on to study Esthetics in Illinois (750 hour training program). I quickly realized that the skin was more than skin deep and I threw myself into the study of energy work and Chinese medicine (including training in holistic nutrition and herbs). When I’m not doing skincare + sugaring + biz-running I’m: Cuddling with my 2 dogs & my hubby, traveling the world & shamelessly sharing pics of my food! Oh, and I help talented women launch extraordinary businesses @ Electric Empire. What kind of ‘Portland Girl’ are you? The kind that wears bright red lipstick to dress up yoga pants and sucks at gardening but loves getting her hands dirty!

Allison Chown


lead sugarista / operations manager

Within a month of graduating college in Texas I moved to Portland, and began calling this place home since 2007. I have become free to discover my true self and have cultivated an amazing community of friends and family.

How did you get into this business?  I first met Anna years ago when we worked together at a non-profit. I had never experienced a facial before, so she gave me my first one and I was hooked. Over the years, Anna was the only person I trusted to guide me in a healthy direction for my skin care needs. Back in the day she introduced me to some great brands that we still carry (Alima Pure and Kimberly Sayer). When The Portland Girl opened, I knew I would be a client, but I had no idea that I would one day become an esthetician here. I began Managing TPG in 2015, and learned so much about skin and beauty that first year, that I knew I wanted to learn more and get into the treatment room.

When I’m not at the Portland Girl: I love being a mom to my little toddler, and wife to my encouraging husband. When I’m not spending time with them, I am often hanging out with girlfriends, working out, or reading a book. I love finding DIY projects on Pinterest, and volunteering in my community (especially with Alberta Main Street).

What kind of Portland Girl are you? I’m the Portland girl that loves the sunshine, but still appreciates the coziness of winter. I love a hot cup of tea in the morning with cream and sugar while contemplating what the day may have in store for me. I enjoy the local scene of kid musicians and performers, date nights around town, and planning adventures with my family.

Case Hawkes


senior sugarista 

I was born and raised in Michigan. I have lived in Nebraska, California and I’m now a new Portland baby as of 2013 with my husband. I am a dog mom and have 3 parrots who are my everything. I absolutely love living in Portland. Being able to go outside and see mountains in my backyard will never get old. My husband and I are having so much fun running around the city, trying new foods and restaurants, meeting new people and exploring Oregon. I enrolled in full Cosmetology and when the time finally came to learn about skincare, I was hooked and loved every minute of it. I would try to spend as much time as I could in the spa, performing facials, massaging, and waxing bodies. After graduating, I stumbled upon sugaring, took a leap and enrolled in a training seminar and had so much fun learning the technique and immediately fell in love. I knew this is where I was meant to be. When I’m not doing skincare + sugaring I’m: Sitting on my couch with cereal watching cartoons on Netflix, taking my dog to the park, laughing with my husband, coloring/cutting my friends hair, playing video games, and singing to my parrots. What kind of Portland girl are you? A huge nerd. I love video games, comics, superheroes, toys, stuffed animals, cartoons, all of it. My room is covered in collectibles, posters, I’ve dressed up and gone to Comic-Con, and every month I go out with the Portland Geek Girls Brunch. I am a girl who loves makeup, bright colors, pretty dresses, tattoos, piercings, dogs, birds, flowers, rain, and much much more.

Tiffany Fajen


lead sugarista / makeup artist / social media

It all started when I was young. My little sister and I played dress up with our mom’s velvet dresses and very 90’s red-brown lipstick. Since then, we have had countless beauty sessions and I believe pampering ourselves strengthened the bond between us. How did I get into this business? I’ve loved makeup since I discovered the internet beauty community in high school and purchased my first makeup palette of 50 different colors–I guess you could say I was all in. Later, I began focusing on skin care and it was so empowering. I love showing women just how gorgeous they are and seeing their eyes light up when I accentuate their natural beauty. When I’m not doing skincare + sugaring I’m: Watching Netflix in my current favorite masque or at a coffee shop with my husband. I also enjoy blogging as a place for my ideas, recommendations, and curiosities in the beauty community. What kind of Portland girl are you? I’m the go-to girl for product and place recommendations! I’ll tell you my thoughts on the latest beauty trends, and also the best food and drink you can find in Portland.

Ebonee Atkins


lead sugarista / esthetician / makeup artist

I moved to Portland in 2008 to attend Linfield College in McMinnville, OR.  I was raised in a military lifestyle because my father served in the Marine Corps for 27 years.  We’ve traveled around the world during my childhood.  I’ve lived in Hawaii, Alaska, Japan and Canada.  Out of all of these unique places, Portland is one of my favorite cities because I love how the people embrace individuality, support local businesses and the arts and are passionate about saving the environment.

How did I get into this business? My passion for esthetics and makeup began when I took a theater makeup class and assisted behind stage for theater productions at Linfield College.  I realized that makeup artistry could be the field I was looking for to build a career where I could utilize my artistic skills.  After college, I attended Marinello Schools of Beauty to study makeup and it was here, I learned about skin care, the benefits of natural ingredients and hair removal.  My education in beauty ignited my passion for esthetics because I loved providing a relaxing space for my clients and I’m passionate about helping clients find safe and natural products for their unique skin.

When I’m not doing skincare + sugaring I’m: working on set for a TV/film production or assisting with makeup at weddings. During my free time, I enjoy catching up with friends over cocktails, watching films, meditating, dancing, modeling for art classes and collaborating on artistic projects.

What kind of ‘Portland Girl’ are you?  I’m the kind of gal who loves the beautiful changes in the seasons from bundling up and watching movies in the rainy, fall season to rocking a floral dress in the spring.  I enjoy trying unique hairstyles, expressing myself through fashion, applying makeup, checking out cute boutiques and exploring this beautiful city.



lead sugarista / team supervisor

I graduated with a degree in International Relations in 2014, and though I always had a passion for travel, current affairs, and international politics, I couldn’t find a job or community that gave me a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Leaving behind beloved friends and family, I moved to Portland in 2015 and immediately fell in love with the culture and easy going flow of the city. Here, I found the openness to discover how I wanted to shape my life.

How did I get into this business? I struggled with acneic/scarred/oily skin long into my 20s, always researching methods, products, and fads but couldn’t find much relief. After being diagnosed with PCOS and endometriosis, I finally found the root of my problems and could start the road to recovery. Along the way, I discovered how esthetics could be the perfect career to constantly learn and evolve, helping others and myself, and have a daily positive impact on those I have the pleasure to work with and on. I continue to explore how what you eat and drink has a huge impact on your skin and am always seeking holistic ways to improve overall health. When I’m not doing skincare + sugaring I’m: I love trying new recipes, cozying up on the couch with my boyfriend, taking walks around the city with my pit, Lemmy, and reading magazines on everything from skincare, self care and fashion to world events and politics. What kind of ‘Portland Girl’ are you? I love browsing flea markets for trash and treasure, I will talk to any animal like they are my favorite child, and I need fresh, open air and a good dose of sunshine to stay sane.



associate sugarista / esthetician

I am a born and raised Oregonian who loves to travel, but always finds my way back home. How did I get into this business? Initially, I started cosmetology school with the intention of furthering my experience in makeup application. As I began delving into the practice and science of skincare, I immediately fell in love. I am a huge believer in self care and in all the ways that can be achieved. Being able to provide someone with a service that can give someone a moment of peace in this crazy world is so special to me. When I’m not doing skincare + sugaring I’m: In rehearsal, on stage or working to get there. I have been acting since I was 15 years old and more recently have begun writing and directing shows as well. What kind of ‘Portland Girl’ are you? I am an absolute night owl. I love going to shows, closing down restaurants, and staying up late watching my favorite tv shows with my best friends who also happen to be my sisters.

Kiah Stone


associate sugarista / esthetician

I was born and raised in Santa Cruz, California. I moved to Portland on a whim in the summer of 2015 and fell in love with the city’s food scene and unique culture.

How did you get into this business: I have always had a passion for skincare and attended the Paul Mitchell beauty school in 2015. I recently joined the Portland Girl family in January 2018 and am loving working with so many amazing women.

What kind of Portland girl are you: I am definitely a foodie Portland girl. I love trying new restaurants and bars around the city and cooking at home.

When I’m not at the Portland girl: you can find me at hot yoga classes, thrifting around the city, and going on spontaneous trips to the Coast.




guest services coordinator

I moved to Portland a week after my high school graduation, I can safely say that Portland has my heart. After a few years of studying photojournalism at the Art Institute of Portland, I began pursuing a degree in radiology and have since fallen in love with the idea of having knowledge in many fields.

How did I get into the business? I have always found an interest in skin care, I was graciously added to the team in June 2016 and I am grateful to have been welcomed into a work environment that feels like a family. When I am not at work I am focusing on school work, making time for my friends and attending an occasional karaoke night.

What kind of “Portland Girl” am I? I am a light hearted, hard working and busy girl. You can find me at my neighborhood park trying to pet other people’s dogs, scavenging for pretty rocks and enjoying the little things that life has to offer.

staff pics by Shelby Brakken


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Curious about sugaring? Watch this demo below to see what it’s all about!

Demo of Sugar Hair Removal from Jessica Daniels on Vimeo.

Sugar, Water, Lemon by The Portland Girl from Anna Long on Vimeo.



Natural Skin Care Products

Partly Sunny is our natural skin care line formulated specially for the Northwest woman by Susan Grace

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People, Pets & Planet

We believe in giving back – to ourselves and to our community

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