Christmas is upon us again (how did that happen so fast?) and your loved ones want to know what to get you. Or, you are looking for something new and refreshing to gift this year!

If you’re looking to upgrade your beauty routine and avoid getting another outfit you’ll never wear, perfume you’ll never spritz or candle you’ll never burn; then send this to your loved ones!


These are our top pick gifts for 2015:


Schmidt’s Deodorant ($9) This all natural deodorant has been around since 2010 shaking up the deodorant world. As a health-conscious beauty buyer I’ve struggled for years to find an aluminum-free natural deodorant that WORKS. I quit looking when I found out about Schmidt’s 2 years ago. This deodorant has been keeping me “stink-free” since. Thank you Schmidt’s! Oh and to top it off, these bad boys are made right here in PDX!

Pick yours up at our studio in their new stick formulation in the following scents:  Lavender, Cedarwood/Juniper, and Ylang Ylang/Calendula

Boost Balm

Beauty Archaeology ‘Boost Balm’ ($28) Want to be on the cutting edge of beauty while also hydrating your skin on a whole new level? Check out my friend Stephanie’s new Argan-based ‘Boost Balm’. As they say on their website: “Think of me as a hydrating vitamin bomb. I’m packed with A & E, full of antioxidants and loaded with fatty acids that your skin will love!”. And from personal experience I can say that YES, your skin WILL love this balm.

I’ve been mixing a little bit in with my regular moisture cream morning and night to help seal the moisture in, add a bit of glow, and make me feel like a Moroccan diva.

We still have 8 in stock in our studio, but they’ll go fast, so call us to reserve yours today!

Guilt Free Body Scrub Set Picture

Refined Benefit Body Scrub and Bath Sets ($22) This Salt Lake City based company is hawking yummy salt scrubs that will leave your skin feeling supple and soft and your wallet fat and happy! These scrubs don’t break the budget and they come in scents so scrumptious that you may end up wanting to eat them in lieu of rubbing on your body (don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

If you’re a fan of variety, check out our “Guilt Free Scrub Set” that includes mini scrubs in the following scents: Coffee, Cocoa, Coconut, and Unscented.

Tone Well Picture

Susan Grace Vitamin D Toner ($29) Seattle-based esthetician, Susan Grace, created a line designed specifically for Northwest skin types and our skin is LOVING this vitamin-packed toner.

Mist this onto your face right after washing it and it will help to reset the PH balance of your skin and prime your skin for your moisture cream (her Illumination cream is TO DIE FOR!) This toner helps to balance my complexion and feed my skin yummy nutrients in a fuss-free format (just a few pumps and one second out of my day!) This is a great addition to any skin care routine, so pick one up next time you’re in!

membership snapshot photo

A Portland Girl Membership ($89) If you want to give the ULTIMATE beauty gift to yourself (or someone else) this holiday season, check out our monthly beauty membership program. It’s $89 a month and gives you access to a rotating list a beauty services valued at $130 a pop!

Our most popular Portland Girl membership service is our “Balanced Beauty”. In this service, our gals receive a Brazilian, Portlander or Bikini Maintenance service followed by a 45-60 minute facial. It’s for our practical gals who realize that paying an extra $39 a month on top of their Brazilian Maintenance appointment for a luxury facial, is totally worth it!

But hurry, because we only have 8 left before we cap our memberships. Call or email the studio to get yourself or your friend/partner set up!


Happy Holidays Portland Beauties!



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