Vacations. Girls night out. Bachelorette parties. All super fun, but how often do these outings leave us feeling gross? Too often!

There’s absolutely no reason why your trip to Portland should be unhealthy. One of my favorite things about Portland is the incredible array of healthy options, everything from food and drink to spas to awesome gyms that feel more like nightclubs. Bars and clubs are fun and all, but sometimes you want the fun without the ickiness and bloating that go along with it.

I want to introduce you to some of my favorite healthy spots in the Portland area. Want to know another secret? All of these options offer incredible benefits for your skin! Of course, we at the Portland Girl are all about that. Have fun and take care of your gorgeous skin at the same time? Don’t mind if we do!


Healthy Guide to Portland, Oregon: Our Favorite Healthy Eats and Activities



Skip the hangover with our healthy guide to Portland, Oregon:  


Greenleaf Juicing Company  

Healthy Guide to Portland, Oregon: Our Favorite Healthy Eats and Activities

With four locations in Portland (and counting!) you can stop in for several energy-boosting, vitamin-packed pick-me-ups as you travel around the city. These insanely fresh, organic juices are a great alternative to hitting a bar, and they cost less than most cocktails too!

All these fresh-pressed juices are 100% raw, with all the skin-loving enzymes intact. Most of their organic produce comes from farms in the Pacific Northwest, and all of their packaging is recycled and/or compostable. This place is as green as it gets! If you need something with a little more heft, try their acai bowls, soups, quinoa salads, or bowls. They also have some awesome hot drinks on a seasonal basis if you need to warm up.

All vegan. All organic. All healthy. This place gets the Portland Girl seal of approval!

Visit Greenleaf Juicing Company here! 


Pulse PDX


Healthy Guide to Portland, Oregon: Our Favorite Healthy Eats and Activities


Part health club, part nightclub. Are you intrigued yet?

This one-of-a-kind gym offers tons of fun classes with the same great music and party lighting you’d find in a dance club. Try a pound class, PiYo, Zumba, Pop Pilates, and more, including some innovating strength classes. You can also rent out the space for events. Perfect for a healthy bachelorette party or girls weekend!

Visit Pulse PDX here! 


The Tea Bar


Healthy Guide to Portland, Oregon: Our Favorite Healthy Eats and Activities


Looking for a chill spot to relax and slow down? Try a cup of fresh matcha or some steamy chai at one of the Tea Bar’s three locations in Portland, with a fourth opening this spring.

If it’s a little warm for a hot drink, you can also try their tea-infused soft serve ice cream! Yes, you read that right. Try their famous Blue Magick soft serve, a vegan ice cream made from organic coconut milk and infused with a rare superfood algae. This fancy blue stuff is loaded with antioxidants, which protect your skin from free-radical damage and signs of aging.  

Visit The Tea Bar here! 


Knot Springs

Drop in to soak in luxurious hot springs (and cold springs) with a incredible views of the city! This unique spa/social club also offers saunas, steam rooms, massages, and yoga classes. You’ll be sweating out toxins and feeling like a million bucks in no time! Switching between the hot and cold springs will also reduce inflammation in your body and increase circulation. All of that is a recipe for healthy, glowing skin!

Visit Knot Springs here! 



Looking for a dinner spot that won’t leave you stuffed and bloated? Try this all-vegetarian, super fresh eatery. They offer tons of delicious vegan and gluten-free options in an array of flavor profiles. Pick from tons of unique beverages to go with your meal, or grab a healthy smoothie if you’re just popping in for a quick snack.

Visit Harlow here! 


Pure Barre

I love this studio, owned by friend of the Portland Girl, Stephanie Richen! Tone your entire body and get more flexible with this safe, low impact, fun, and extremely effective workout. The Pure Barre method will help you sculpt long, lean muscles and is perfect for unwinding and stretching after an adventurous day in Portland. Pure Barre offers a variety of classes for all levels. 

Visit Pure Barre here! 


The Portland Girl

And of course, don’t forget to stop into The Portland Girl for an all-natural facial or sugaring session so you can look as amazing as you feel after hitting up these healthy hot spots. Try out our Quick Refresh Facial if you’re in a hurry, or splurge for a full-on Relax and Restore Facial for a top-notching experience that soothes and beautifies.


Healthy Guide to Portland, Oregon: Our Favorite Healthy Eats and Activities


You can have a blast and take excellent care of yourself at the same time, and Portland is one of the best places in the world for memorable healthy experiences you won’t find anywhere else!


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