SUGARING…HAIR REMOVAL (that will leave you hungry for more!)

Sugaring is an ancient form of hair removal made up of Sugar, Lemon, and Water with a soft warm “honey-like” texture. The paste is placed on your skin (against the direction of hair growth) and then “flicked” off leaving the skin smooth (and hairless). Our experience is that once someone gets sugared…they rarely go back to the world of waxing. WHY? Here are a few reasons most people decide to kick wax to the curb and convert to the art of sugaring:

  • FEWER INGROWN HAIRS: Because sugaring removes hair in the direction of hair growth (unlike waxing), there are fewer chances for ingrown hair!
  • ALL NATURAL: Sugar paste is made of sugar, lemon and water (and ours is all organic!) and isn’t full of a bunch of crap you don’t want near your beautiful body.
  • LEADS TO PERMANENCY (which means over time, your hair growth will be minimized)








*Not just a clean-up. Our staff will spend time shaping your brow and sugaring and tweazing to perfection!



*Quick 15 minute appointment to clean up your already existing brow shape. Little to no shaping or tweazing. Book our brow shaping appointment for extra time spent on defining or cutting into the brow shape.

BROW MAIN + LIP    $35

FULL FACE    $45




HALF ARM    $30

FULL ARM    $40

HALF LEG    $45

FULL LEG    $90


*Within 4 weeks of last leg sugar apt at our studio.

ABS    $15

*Plan 60-90 minutes for all FULL LEG sugaring services due to the nature of sugar and the surface area that we have to cover. Do not shave for 2-3 weeks leading up to your leg sugaring.

** Lady Parts ‘Maintenance’ is within 6 weeks of last hair removal service.

*** Leg ‘Maintenance’ is within 4 weeks of last hair removal service.



PDX LANDING STRIP    $40 (hair left on labia and bum)

THE PORTLANDER    $55 (hair removed from labia and bum, small strip/triangle remains on pubic bone)

THE PORTLANDER  (MAINTENANCE 4 to 6 weeks of last visit)    $50

THE BUSHWACKER (AKA BRAZILIAN)   $65 (all hair removed from front to back)

THE BUSHWACKER (MAINTENANCE 4 to 6 weeks of last visit)    $50

THE BURNSIDE BACKSIDE ($10 w/ladyparts service booking/$20 without)

BUM CHEEKS ($15 w/ladyparts service booking/$20 without)

*DO NOT SHAVE FOR 2-3 WEEKS BEFORE YOUR APPT or we will have to re-schedule due to your hair being too short!


FULL BACK     $55


CHEST    $40

ABS    $30

CHEST + ABS    $65



BURNSIDE BACKSIDE $25 (you have a hairy crack and we will take care it it!)

MANchete $75 ($65 MAINTENANCE**) (men’s version of our Bushwacker service. We will remove all your hair down there front to back or leave a patch up front if you’re into that. )

*DO NOT SHAVE FOR 2-3 WEEKS BEFORE YOUR APPT or we will have to re-schedule due to your hair being too short! ** ‘MAINTENANCE’ IS W/IN 3-6 WEEKS OF LAST APPT.

What should I do to prepare for my appointment?  Your hair should be at least 1/8th of an inch long for best results. Anything shorter than that and we will attempt to extract it, but a followup appt. might be needed. Clean, dry skin is needed to apply our sugar. So please come showered and do not apply lotions, oils, deodorant, fragrances, etc. to the skin on the areas to be sugared prior to your service. Make sure to exfoliate your skin, but not 24 hours before your service. Please inform us of any allergies, sensitivities, conditions, or medications prior to your service.

I’m on my period, can I still get sugared? Yes. You may be more sensitive in the few days leading up to your period and the first few days of your period. Some clients take an Ibuprofen 30 minute prior to their appointment.

CANCELLATION POLICY: While we understand that sickness comes and emergencies happen, we ask that all cancellations be done by giving us 24 hours notice. If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment we will charge you 50% of the service fee (unless we are able to re-book your space). *If you no call, no show we will have to charge you for the full amount of your service.



  • 24 hours after your service stay clean, cool and free from friction.
  • 24 hours after your service refrain from strenuous activity that might get sweat/bacteria on the freshly sugared area. This includes working out and or sexual activity. Doing these things will increase the likelihood of ingrown hairs (and those suck!)
  • Please don’t suntan for about 48 hours after you’ve been sugared. You are freshly exfoliated and we want to avoid sun damage and burning.
  • 48 hours after being sugared begin daily exfoliation on the sugared area.


  • All services that are 90 minutes or more will be required to pay at the time of booking.
  • Credit Card and Cash accepted.

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