You can’t show up and DO your best, HELP your best, and BE your best if you aren’t taking care of yourself. We’re not talking about facials or sugaring (yes, please do those too!), but we’re talking about your energy. We’re talking about the subtle thing (that as it becomes more dense) makes up the entire universe.

Energy is everything and everywhere, and for some reason, most people have no clue or no interest in working to heal it. Although the energy body that surrounds you and is inside of you may be subtle, it has a HUGE impact on how you show up in this world.

What if we began to take care of it? To notice it? To find answers in it? Our energy has sooo much to share with us if we’d just listen. 

Healing Services

The Portland Girl owner and founder Anna Long-Stokes is skilled at listening to what your energy body has to say and helping it as it eases back into balance. She offers the following healing services at The Portland Girl Studio.

Chakra Balancing + Aura Cleanup


In this 30 minute energy jumpstart, we will balance and align your chakras (energy centers) and cleanup and align the layers of your aura.
Plan to leave relaxed and recharged on a whole new level.
Service is done laying down, fully clothed. This can be done via zoom if desired. Please let us know your preference when booking.

Women’s Spirit Healing



In this 45 minute healing, we will activate symbols and information that you’re working with as a woman in this lifetime. We will work to clear energy and permissions on you being able to receive and bring forth your intentions in the present moment and bigger picture, in this lifetime.
Healing will be done lying down with you fully clothed and will begin with us touching base on anything you’re hoping to bring in and anything you’re hoping to clear. I will do a short re-cap after the healing to share any information received during the healing.
This appointment can be done via zoom if desired. Please give heads up when booking so that we can prepare.

Astral Dream Healing



In this unique session, we will clear energy from your physical body and your astral body (the aspect of you that creates in your dream-space). Before you create in your body, you create in the astral! Deja vu anyone?

This unique experience offers up the opportunity to clear energy in your dream body, so that you can bring MORE of your creative energy into your waking life. In other words, when you clear the clutter in the astral, your daily life will benefit.

A few reasons that clients book astral healings:
They’re having interrupted or troubled sleep.
They’re experiencing chronic fatigue.
They feel blocked in their creativity.

The actual healing will last roughly 30 minutes and there will be 15 minutes at the end for a recap where I’ll review the session with you. We will look at what you cleared and where you shifted. The healing will be done lying down with you fully clothed.

This appointment can be done via zoom if desired. Please give heads up when booking so that we can prepare.