..“I ALWAYS get ingrown hairs”

“I HATE my cellulite!”

“What’s the BEST form of exfoliation?”

Lucky for our clients and for you, all of the problems above can be helped by one super affordable and natural solution (and it doesn’t even involve surgery or a sketchy multi-level marketing element!)


If you’re like most people you have likely heard of this and you have probably even purchased one and then left it sitting in your bathroom closet because you had no idea what to do with it.

Dry brushes come in various sizes and frequently have wood handles and either natural hair bristles or faux hair bristles.


The Benefits of Dry Brushing - The Portland Girl


4 Benefits of Dry Brushing:

  • Helps to shed dead skin cells which then increases the speed at which new ones make their way to the surface! This simple exfoliation process helps to shed the dead skin which can trap bacteria and debris as well as work loose lazy hairs that want to fall behind under the skin’s’ surface causing painful and unsightly ingrowns!
  • Stimulates our lymphatic system which is in charge for of storing much of our cellular waste. Unlike our circulatory system, our lymph system does not have a pump to move the waste through…it actually relies on lymph stimulation to detox itself. Dry brushing does this for us!
  • Increases circulation which will help us eliminate our metabolic waste!
  • Brushing decreases the look and feel of cellulite by plumping the skin’s surface and softening hard fat deposits (that cause cellulite to look more visible). On a deeper level, we all know that toxins store themselves in our fat cells. When we stimulate the lymph (via dry brushing), it helps to restore our connective tissue and detox our cells of toxins (win/win!)


The Benefits of Dry Brushing - The Portland Girl



How Do I Dry Brush?:

I always do my dry brushing in the morning before I shower or at night before I get in the bath. (Yep, I bathe a lot!). This will allow dry skin to slough off more easily. Then you can rinse the debris off in the shower and allow your nourishing skin products to penetrate deeper into your newly exfoliated skin.


Make sure when you do your dry brushing that you:

  • Always brushing in upward strokes towards the heart
  • Repeat the stroke at least 3 times in each area
  • Shower or rinse off after dry brushing


Dry Brushing and Ingrown Hairs:

While it may seem foreign to dry-brush your pubic area, I have seen a marked improvement in ingrown hairs when my clients dry brush daily. Don’t forget to follow with a shower and an amazing healing salve. (Dinah’s salve is our favorite.)

Wait a day or two after your most recent bikini wax or bikini sugar before beginning your dry brush routine. Within a few hair removal cycles, you should see a marked improvement in ingrown hairs as well as in scarring from previous ingrowns!


The Benefits of Dry Brushing - The Portland Girl


Looking for a great dry brush?

We have the perfect dry brushes for sale at our studio. Simple ask your esthetician if you can pick one up and your next facial or sugaring appointment.

See you soon Portland Beauties!



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